Learn what REAL DIY is all about!

Hosted by Delptronics
Saturday, Sept 7 at 11am
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

In the workshop, you will build a super useful utility module using the Delptronics Module Construction Set (MCS). You will get all the components needed to build a module, and two sets of MCS PCBs and headers — one set for the workshop, and one for your next DIY module.

This workshop is a bit more complex than building a kit, so good soldering skills are required.


You will need to purchase the $75 Module Construction Set kit from Delptronics HERE.

Some kits may be available for purchase on-site, however, you can secure your place in the workshop by pre-ordering your kit.



Module Construction Set

The Delptronics Module Construction Set makes building DIY Eurorack modules easy!.

With the Construction Set, a module consists of two circuit boards connected together by male and female headers. The control board has a flexible grid layout that can accommodate up to 12 controls (pots, switches, pushbuttons, LEDs), and up to 8 jacks. The component board has a familiar layout similar to a protoboard or solderless breadboard, and includes a Eurorack power header prewired to the power rails. .

Mickey Delp of Delptronics will guide you through the process of building the WiiChuck module, helping you along the way.  You are guaranteed to have a working module!

Detail of control board showing how a pot,
button or a switch can fit in any grid position.

This is only an example,
and is not what will be built in the workshop.




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