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The Basics of Synthesis   11:00am (Maize/Sage)

Marc Doty, the undisputed king of YouTube synthesizer videos provides as comprehensive a primer about synthesis which could be reasonably expected to fit in ninety minutes.


Summit: Novation's Flagship Synthesizer   12:30pm (Copper)

Novation Technology Evangelist Enrique Martinez will talk through the features and technology of Summit and how it gives the serious producer or performer everything they need to design and play stunning basses, leads, arps, pads, effects and beyond.


Follow the Sound   1:30pm (Maize/Sage)

A talk and Q&A with Todd Barton exploring his special "pointillism" patch.


Sequencing with TORAIZ SQUID   3:00pm (Copper)

SQUID stands for ‘sequencer inspirational device’ since it provides a feature-rich and user friendly workflow that can be used to sequence a variety of analogue and digital hardware, and software. Get an in-depth look at what the TORAIZ SQUID can do.


Sample-Proof Instruments   4:00pm (Maize/Sage)

Jon Sonnenberg explores concepts of "sample proof" instruments and the limitations of sampling as he demonstrates intentional non-repeatability as a feature in new instruments.



Ergonomics for Artist   11:00am (Maize/Sage)

Industrial designer Brian Alexander (Herman Miller, Design Within Reach) breaks down the correlation between cognitive processing, the physical body, and your ability to perform in the electronic music environment. He will detail key principles and practices for creating an optimal workflow from studio to stage.


Warm Star Electronics' Orbit   12:30pm (Copper)

Experience a live modular infomercial! Bradford Kinney of Warm Star Electronics will walk us through the world of his odd and powerful modules, including the newly-unveiled Orbit! Something will be raffled!


Learn FM Synthesis from Dr. Chowning Himself   1:30pm (Maize/Sage)

FM synthesis has a reputation for being as impenetrable as it is dynamic. Fortunately its inventor Dr John Chowning is here to help us understand it better. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you won't want to miss!


Modular for the Masses   3:00pm (Copper)

Extreme synth DIYer and circuit sculpture specialist Juanito Moore (@juanitohm) returns with his unique approach to synthesizer design. Learn to break free from the confines of the PCB to create functional, musical art.


The History of "Polyphony"   4:00pm (Maize/Sage)

The history of synthesizers has been a wild blur of technological development, visionary composition, and manic entrepreneurial spirit and as a result, synthesizer terminology can be very confusing. Presented by Marc Doty.


BUILD WORKSHOPS - Saturday and Sunday

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Learn to DIY your own modules with the Module Construction Set!

3 Hours (Intermediate/Advanced)

Mickey Delp of Delptronics will guide you through the process of building a eurorack utility module using their Module Construction Set. You'll be well on your way to designing modules to meet your own specific needs.Note: this workshop requires previous soldering experience, it is not a 'learn to solder' session.


Build a Befaco Hexmix or Rampage module!

3.5 Hours (intermediate)

Our friends at Befaco will guide you through the process of building either the fantastic Hexmix 6 channel mixer or Rampage dual ramp generator/slew module!


Build a Żłob 2hp minimix!

3 Hours (beginner/intermediate)

Keven Kalay from Żłob Modular will host the building of his flexible 3 channel mixer. This build is for both adults and kids who can safely wield a soldering iron.


Build a Befaco Hexpander or Even VCO module!

3.5 Hours (intermediate)

Befaco will guide you through the proces of building either the Hexpander, an expansion module for the Hexmix, or Even VCO module.


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